Mobile Website. Why your Business Needs One

Having a mobile website or a mobile application for your business is becoming a necessity. With more and more people accessing the web on their smart phones and tablets, it is imperative that your business have a mobile website or a mobile application.  Most people will agree. . . Or will they?

While data shows that the grow of mobile devices has been huge, most businesses still don’t realize that having a mobile website should be a priority. Some of the big online players (surprisingly) still don’t have a mobile website.

Investing in a mobile website or App. . . Is it smart?

A mobile website can add benefits to your business and users as well.  Research suggests that 1.10 billion users browse the internet from their smart phones as well as making calls and texting. The total of mobile phones in use is 7.22 billion so far. If you can’t adapt your website or create a mobile application to take advantage of this trend you might as well shut down your regular website.  That might be exaggerating a little, but you get the idea.

Here are some stats taken from

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Those numbers were roughly after one minute and forty eight seconds!  Check the whole page so you can see for yourself.  Also check the shares on social media.

Other key facts to check

  • 7.22 billion mobile phones currently in use according to GSMA Intelligence
  • 2.08 billion of those are smart phones according to Statista
  • 60 percent of online traffic comes from phones and tablets according to Small Business Trends
  • 50 percent of online searches are made on mobile devices

If these number don’t convince business owners, nothing will.  Having a web designer create a website or a web developer create a mobile App for your business should not be a difficult decision to make.

In cases where businesses have embraced the mobile web (Google +, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) a huge increase in mobile traffic (and sales) has been experienced.

If you have a business presence check with your current web designer or developer to see what it takes to create a mobile website or a mobile Apps for your business.  If you don’t a web designer or web developer, give us a call or drop us a line and we will work with you to create a mobile presence. Don’t wait until your competition have become mobile-aware to implement a mobile strategy into your marketing efforts.

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