Overtok Calls Conversion

Connect business calls with an outstanding visual journey that converts more customers to action
What is Overtok for business?
Overtok helps small and medium sized businesses create strong relations with high-intent and ready-to-buy visitors. The solution allows users to interact with your business online and motivates them to take an additional valuable action before and after the call.

How does it work?
After activating Overtok on your site/landing page, your visitors can call your business while they stay on-site instead of being sent out to the phone's dialer.

With Overtok, the call takes place on top of a visual branded dialer. Before the call is connected and after it ends, the caller is exposed to relevant content, offers, and visual call-to-action activities, all of which happens in real time as part of the native process of the call.

You'll receive regular calls to the same phone number that you already have.

What is the value for my business?
There is a complete visual engagement system with the caller that includes content suggestions and relevant call-to-action offers before the call between the consumer and the business is connected and after it ends.

At those critical real-time touchpoints, we generate high conversion ratios for additional actions as part of the caller’s native process.

Call-to-Action – Right after the call ends, encourage high-intent visitors to join the business’s email list, leave a review, visit social media pages, take a survey, navigate to a location, download an app, and many more valuable actions.

Drive to online – Before the call is connected, motivate callers to complete an online transaction, such as online booking, ordering, quote, or anything else you can imagine.

Why is Overtok good for my business?

When the call takes place on your site, on top of a branded and customized dialer, the user stays on your asset longer, and you have a great opportunity to auto-engage with your high-intent visitors and motivate them to take an additional action before the call starts and after it ends in order to achieve more value for your business.

What type of businesses can use Overtok?
Overtok is great for businesses that own digital assets, such as websites, landing pages, social media pages, listings, etc., and for which incoming calls constitute a big part of their business and leads.

Overtok works great for a variety of SMB and SME categories.
Your brand dialer – High intent visitors who call your business get an outstanding visual experience and real value around the interaction process.
Auto-engagement – While callers stay longer on-site, you have the chance to motivate them to take additional actions before/after the call. These actions bring you value.
Drive to online – Motivate callers to complete online ordering/booking instead of auto-connecting the call. Offline to Online.
Track & manage – Track calls from all the channels in which your business appears online via a single hub.
Missed calls – Turn your missed calls into potential customers. Don't lose customers to competitors just because you're busy. Capture those leads with a simple form.


How do I start using Overtok?

After registering, we provide you with an account. On the "My Overtok" tab, you'll find two options for working with Overtok: A. Embed JavaScript code on a page: This will put a call button on a page so that visitors can call your business. B. Place Overtok's link on any text or image: When users click on this link, they are calling the business.

I don't know how to install the code, what's next?

Embedding the code is a one-time, super-easy process that takes seconds to complete. Ask your webmaster to do it for you by following this short video and guide.

Do I need to install an application to work with Overtok?

No. Neither your business nor your visitors need to install any app to use Overtok. Incoming calls are received via the existing business phone number.

How do I get a notification for missed calls?

When you're not answering, users get an immediate form that collects their contact details so that you can get back to them. Notifications are sent to you in real time via text message.

Can I track and manage my calls?

Your account includes a rich dashboard and reports that give you a wide look and understanding of both web and call traffic.

Where can I use Overtok?

Usually, small-sized businesses own several digital assets, including a website, social media pages, landing pages, and more. You can use Overtok on any platform you want visitors to call you from.

How many call minutes are included in the base package?

The base package includes 250 minutes of calls.

How will I know if my call usage is close to the limit?

You will receive a notification when 75% of your minutes have been used.


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