Social Page Build

Professional page setup with logo, and if applicable, company images, hours of operations, and business profile.

One Time
Putting your best foot forward starts with a beautiful social media presence. With this service, our in-house agents will help you build any one social profile for your business. Available for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Professional page setup with logo, and if applicable, company images, hours of operation and business profile. User credentials are required.

What's included:

Facebook Business page:
Claiming of the Facebook page
Update user photo & cover photo (if provided)
Business description
Add business owner as an admin / owner of page
Google My Business page:
Claiming of Google My Business listing
Update name, address, phone number, and any other relevant information
Creation of a Google+ profile
Update business logo, profile picture, and Google+ header (if provided)
Connect and update a YouTube channel (if desired)
Add business owner as an admin / owner of page
Instagram Business profile:
Creation of an Instagram account
Addition of a profile picture
Edit & update business information: website, biography, and phone number
Conversion of the account to a business account (
Connect the Instagram account to the corresponding Facebook Business page (if applicable)
Live walkthrough of how to access the iOS or Android app
Walkthrough on how to manage the Instagram account going forward
Post 5 images - with filters, hashtags, and description spread out within the first two weeks of the account being created
Follow 20 local accounts, either sent by the business or picked out by the agent
LinkedIn Company page:
Provide you with insight in creating a LinkedIn Company page and outline steps required to create a page
Claiming and set up a LinkedIn Company page
Add a business description, website, industry keyword, and company size
Add the business's address and contact information
Pinterest for Business page:
Claiming of a Pinterest for Business listing
Creation of 5 boards with 5 pins each
Addition of a profile picture, "about you" description, and location information
Setup of notifications
Setup of Home Feed - selected on behalf of the business
Connection of social networks - Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (if applicable)
An explanation or discussion about what the business should do once we have the account set up, to promote success
Foursquare for Business page:
Claiming of a Foursquare for Business listing
Creation of a Foursquare account for the client
Update user photo & cover photo (if provided)
Polish the listing to look professional
For YouTube channel builds, we recommend the business has at least one video they're interested in posting. Contact us for more information.
Increase brand awareness and loyalty; a fully managed service that helps save you time.
Increase your business's online presence; reach audiences on different social platforms.
Perfect for new businesses; build a basic online presence.
Can be purchased multiple times for multiple social media sites.


How do I get access to my social page?

Once your profile has been created, our Digital Agency will provide the credentials to you.

What is included in the Pinterest page build?

Our Digital Agency will create a Pinterest profile, as well as five boards and five pins per board.

Why should I have a Facebook Business page?

With over 1.97 billion users, Facebook is the top social site for you to be on. From an unlimited friend count to the ability to advertise your page and access to Facebook Insights, you can get valuable data right from your page. Our Digital Agency will create a professional Facebook Page with a profile photo, cover photo, and business profile all to help you generate brand awareness and drive revenue.

Why should I have a Google page?

Google Business is essential to every type of business. Even if you’re not using the Internet to bring in leads, your potential clients are using Google to find things, such as your business hours, directions, client reviews, and contact phone numbers. Having outdated business information can represent your business negatively.

Why should I have a Linkedin page?

Linkedin can be a powerful tool for companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand. While it’s an important platform for all businesses, Linkedin can be a true game-changer for B2B (business to business) companies. Our Digital Agency team will create you a professional page setup with a profile photo, cover photo and business profile pulled from the current website.

Why should I have an Instagram page?

Instagram offers a unique opportunity to businesses looking to reach their target market with engaging visual content. Visual content is currently the most important tactic businesses use for optimizing their social media content.

Why should I have a Twitter page?

With 433 million users, Twitter can provide your small business with another channel to inform and engage your current and potential customers.

Why should I have a Pinterest page?

Create exposure for your business on Pinterest, which allows you to share pictures with potential customers. Pinterest is one social media platform that both creates and facilitates buying intent, perfect for showcasing your business.

Why should I have a Foursquare page?

Foursquare is a mobile app that people use to find places to go – and it’s a very powerful tool for small business. While search engines are great, Foursquare offers a more refined searchability by capturing what the user likes based on check-ins and search preferences.

Why should I have a YouTube page?

YouTube is a great vehicle for awareness and discovery, and the beginning of the customer journey is where it excels as a social media site. In speaking to prospects and customers and supplying video content across their journey, social video plays a pivotal role.


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