SSL Certificate is no Longer an Option

An SSL Certificate is a must!

What is an SSL certificate? Have you noticed how the Chrome browser is showing a black exclamation point to the side of the URL of the website seen at the moment?

When your click on that little exclamation symbol it shows a screen that says “Your connection to this site is not secure”. As alarming this might sounds, that message is just implying that should not enter any sensitive information on that site.  Chrome is just protecting the users browsing the website in a passive way.

While protecting user is a good thing, this can scare away some users from even browsing your website any further.  You may ask, why? Well, users know about security flaws, viruses, identity theft and so on.  They will try to stay away from websites that doesn’t show that connections are encrypted.

That’s why every business website (in fact, all websites) should have a SSL certificate installed on it.  It is an investment on your website that will ensure our users (and customers) that their browsing experience is well protected.


That little word “Secure” plus the “https://” is what will assure your users and possible customers that your website is secured enough for them to spend their time and their money on it.

Final Word

When you care for your customers you invest on your website. Your Protected website will make your customer see that you mean business.

Here at Froggy Hosting we care about our customers.  We also take care of our customers’ customers. Come and ask us what kind of certificate your website needs.

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