Web Hosting Packages Explained

What exactly is Web Hosting?

You have created the perfect website with awesome pictures, vivid colors and well designed menu structure. Now what? Your website has to reside somewhere.  That place is known as a server. A computer with special software that allows it to “host” and serve your website files to the internet.  Providing you with the service of web hosting.

Web hosting is a service rented to clients so their websites files can reside (be hosted) on specialized servers.  Each server is configured differently to allow individual hosting packages.  Each  hosting package is configured to match the possible needs of any website requirements.  The most common types of hosting packages are shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Let’s look at them separately.

Shared Hosting (less than $10 a month)

When you rent a shared web hosting package, your website files are put in an isolated account in a server. That account is hosted along other multiple accounts sharing the resources of that specific server.  It is like renting a space in a large room that everyone shares.  This is good for websites that have low  bandwidth and space requirements. Some primary drawbacks of shared hosting are:

  1. You don’t have much control over the setup
  2. Increase in traffic to other sites on the server can affect your site’s performance

Besides these drawbacks, shared hosting is still a good choice for simple low traffic websites.

Reseller Hosting (usually less than $17 month)

A reseller web hosting package is a shared hosting package that provides the owner some “dedicated” resources for their customers’ websites.  It will allow to have more than one website to be managed by the owner of the package.  Web designers and developers use this type of account when they want to get extra income after designing a website or developing an online application for their customers.

Like it was mentioned before this type of hosting package belongs to the shared hosting category as well.  So it suffers from most of the same drawbacks. You have more control over the setup though. If you are a web designer or developer, this type of account is for you.

VPS Hosting ($20 to $150 per month)

A Virtual Private Server (VPS ) web hosting package is a very good choice for customers that need flexibility, speed and performance. It is like renting an apartment. The server is still shared but you get a specific amount of dedicated space on that server. You have control over the configuration and on what you can install on the server. It works like a dedicated server but without the costs of hardware. This type of account combines the best of both worlds.

This is still a shared hosting package but it doesn’t suffer from most its drawbacks because there are less VPS accounts per server than with a server that has shared hosting accounts on it.

Dedicated Server ($85 to $250 per month)

A dedicated server works like a VPS on steroids. You rent the whole machine.  You control all the resources.  No more sharing with others.  All resources are for you and your customers. No more “sharing is caring”.

Is like renting a house that is not shared with anyone else. You have full control over everything.  If your site is having issues it is easier to figure out what or where the problem is. The only drawback we see is the costs per month.  You need to be prepared for it.

Linux or Windows Server?

There is always a confusion of what kind of operating system (OS) to use on your server. Long story short, if you don’t know the difference from one or the other then go with Linux. Linux is by far the most popular option.

The only time you “might” want to choose Windows as the OS for your server is when you will be running a Windows specific application on your website.

Final Word

Here at Froggy Hosting we have you covered for every situation. Our web hosting packages feature the right amount of bandwidth, space and processing power your website will need.  Click the button below to learn more about our hosting packages.

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