When unlimited does not mean “unlimited”.

There is a common offer in the web hosting industry: unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.  This has been a tendency in the web hosting market for a long time.  The way these offers work is for example, that since most basic websites require low disk space and bandwidth allocation, there is no need to impose a limit on this accounts.  Websites that fall into this “basic” classification are mostly personal and small business websites mostly made out of static content that doesn’t change frequently. Also, you can’t use your “unlimited” hosting account for nothing but regular or normal websites.  Most of these unlimited offers won’t allow you to host a site that have features that require a lot of resource consumption like:

  • video or audio streaming
  • file sharing and download
  • game sites (not game forums)
  • social chat websites
  • e-commerce sites

These are the main reasons hosting companies offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

What most customers don’t know is that websites don’t consume disk space and bandwidth only.  They consume CPU processing and RAM.  And those are not unlimited.

If your website is made out of a mix of different type of code like HTML, PHP (like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal), your pages may need a lot of processing power that is just not available on an unlimited account.  Normally, customers that buy unlimited accounts for their websites think that the sky is the limit.  What they don’t usually know is that their unlimited account is hosted on a server with other customers who also ordered unlimited accounts and are sharing all the resources of that server. As you can see, there is a limit.  That limit is the amount of RAM and CPU processing power available in that specific server.

Most hosting companies, when setting your hosting account, they setup a specific amount of disk space and bandwidth as a default and most of the time your site’s requirements and normal usage won’t go over those settings.  If for some reason they do, they will adjust your previously set limits to accommodate your account’s usage until you go over them again.  What they can’t or won’t do (on shared hosting accounts) is to put a limit in the CPU processing and in the amount of RAM that your site uses. That is shared with all the accounts in the server.  So if a customer’s site is taking a lot of processing power, eating a lot of RAM or both, customers on the same server could be affected since the resources on that server are compromised.

That doesn’t happen to our customers here at Froggy Hosting.

Our web hosting customers can rest assured that their websites won’t go down because their neighbors on the server are taking too much resources. Our customer’s websites are hosted on isolated containers that will keep them from using more resources than they need.  If for some reason a customer’s site is taking too much processing power or too much RAM, our system will slow it down until the resource consumption is normalized. Most of the time the customer won’t see a change in speed at all.  If the customer see that their site slows down too much they can choose to upgrade to an account that will fulfill the need of their site.  Like our VPS hosting accounts which will accommodate their needs with a guaranteed allocation of CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

As you can see, unlimited does not always mean “unlimited”.

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